Beverly Hills Lingual Institute
Beverly Hills Lingual Institute
Beverly Hills Lingual Institute
Beverly Hills Lingual Institute

Top Quality French Teachers

Our location is convenient to Los Angeles, Century City, West LA, Hollywood, South Bay and San Fernando Valley. Except for specially designed children's programs, courses are geared toward the adult learner, and may include:

  • Beginner through advanced classes

  • Day and evening meeting times

  • Native-speaking French teachers

  • College-level textbooks at cost

Adult lessons in Beverly Hills convene once a week in a modern, new learning facility. Other nearby attractions, such as dining and shopping, can make language study an event instead of an obligation. Meeting new people who are interested in French culture and learning together creates a pleasant and exciting educational experience. The faculty and courses at the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute are proven effective and extremely popular with Los Angeles-area residents. A friendly staff member is always looking forward to calls from new students at (323) 651-5000.

The Best Teachers

Learners of all different types find satisfaction with French lessons at our Los Angeles language school. Those who have tried other programs at other schools, community colleges or online and been dissatisfied or unable to learn appreciate the creativity and expertise of a high-quality faculty. Small classes of dedicated students encourage peer tutoring, which is often just the ticket for learning to overcome obstacles or finding a new approach to a problem. When generic lessons or internet programs fail, students find a better experience in traditional yet modern classroom techniques.

One of the best indicators of quality French instruction is how the school selects and retains its faculty. Our respected Los Angeles language school pays teachers top dollar and has low turnover rates. Tutors and teachers have advanced degrees, most are native speakers, and all are chosen for how well they communicate their knowledge to students during lessons. When the student body shows a high rate of return–to more advanced classes or to pursue an additional language–the teaching is proven effective and the program enjoyable. Our return rate is twice as high as a community college.

Quality French Lessons in a Los Angeles Language School

Our French teachers have an intimate knowledge of the culture and a thorough understanding of the structure of the language. Students can learn both by the book and in a more colloquial style. Those who are planning to travel to France, Canada or an island or African nation can gain insights into local etiquette and popular culture. The friendly staff members at the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute look forward to discussing the possibilities with Los Angeles students at (323) 651-5000.

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