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Bilingualism is Enriching in more ways than one

Paintings seem clearer, people more congenial, food tastier, and places more beautiful if we can understand their background and origins. When you consider the major role that language plays in the definition and identity of a country, it is no exaggeration to say that being bilingual opens up an entirely new world.

Of course, being bilingual increases one's future employment opportunities. The ability to converse with coworkers in their mother tongue is prized by employers.

What many people do not realize, however, is that being bilingual can also greatly improve another important talent: social skills. This may be the most valued talent in the workplace today. Not only can a bilingual employee converse with his or her counterparts and the public, but the broader perspective acquired in learning a second language helps one to understand the set of values behind a colleague's opinions, decisions, or judgments. The value of this ability cannot be overstated.

Learning a second language involves much more than reading, writing, and speaking. It is a process of enrichment that confirms our ability to appreciate another culture, another way of life, another set of values, and another way of thinking.

Sometimes, it even affords an opportunity to "step out" of one's culture and examine it from the outside.

That's probably why some of the most thoughtful, introspective people tend to speak more than one language.

Wed 26 Jun 24

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