Beverly Hills Lingual Institute
Beverly Hills Lingual Institute
Beverly Hills Lingual Institute
Beverly Hills Lingual Institute

Affordable French Lessons of the Highest Quality

When residents pursue French lessons in Los Angeles, costs and location are often their first concerns. Other factors, however, contribute to the value of a school's language courses. How well students retain what they learn defines how their investment will pay off over the years. Interest in the subject may be reinforced by passionate instructors and inquisitive classmates. These value-added elements can be found in our convenient and affordable classes in the Los Angeles area at the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute.

Affordable High-Quality French Lessons in the Los Angeles Area

Our language school hires and keeps exceptional teachers which creates a dedicated student body. This makes for a supportive atmosphere for learning lessons. Being surrounded by others who are interested in the French language and culture reinforces an individual's interest and motivation to learn. Opportunities to use the language keep students sharp and connected with one another. Some students make language study a lifelong pursuit!

This type of effective language education can be affordable for adults and children. Our school offers 8-week courses and requires small, periodic payments that are easy for working students or parents to manage. University-level textbooks sold at cost offer students value in language texts. A central location with low-priced parking means that attending lessons won't add prohibitive fees.

From throughout Los Angeles, our Beverly Hills school is easily accessible and a rewarding place to learn French. The cuisine can be sampled at area restaurants, and other nearby social and cultural offerings abound. The Beverly Hills Lingual Institute is known for its high-caliber instruction and student satisfaction. The friendly staff members look forward to discussing enrollment details at (323) 651-5000.

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