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Beverly Hills Lingual Institute
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A Better Way to Learn Italian

Italian classes in Los Angeles serve a wide range of language learners. Many people enroll in courses prior to travel or study abroad. Some students have learned the language before and wish to regain their fluency. Some simply love the culture of Italy or want to learn a new skill. Our Los Angeles language school's exceptional faculty can provide an effective, intensive and fun education for all types of learners.

Students in Southern California who have tried to speak Italian, but never studied it–or who took lessons, but let their skills lapse, can enjoy a beginner through advanced refresher course. The chance to practice what they learn with classmates restores their ability to speak and understand the language. A focus on reading and writing, in addition to conversation, gives those without formal training a broader understanding.

Share a Passion for Italian with Classes in Los Angeles

There are many aspects of the culture of Italy to appreciate, such as art, fashion, food and wine. Taking language lessons with small groups of others who share these interests brings together many diverse students. Exchanging travel notes with instructors and other students widens everyone's horizons. Teachers with a deep knowledge of Italian culture lend extra meaning to their lessons, and students become excited to understand and use the language.

Our quality Los Angeles language school can satisfy the educational needs of students, no matter what their motivations may be. Classes that meet once a week on job-friendly schedules are convenient enough for everyone who wishes to learn. The friendly staff members at the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute look forward to speaking with new Southern California students at (323) 651-5000.

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