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Spanish Language Classes in Los Angeles

Learn Spanish, America’s 2nd LanguageThe Beverly Hills Lingual Institute is the premier language school in Los Angeles, offering Spanish classes for all levels of California students. The Spanish language courses are taught at our new Los Angeles facility in Beverly Hills at a cost of $245 per eight-week term. We take pride in offering L.A.’s premier language instruction using highly educated native-speaking teachers and university text books. Spanish language tutors are also available for private instruction and corporate programs.

If you are considering learning or brushing up on your Spanish language skills, you have come to the right place. The Beverly Hills Lingual School has been teaching Spanish classes for over 18 years, earning an esteemed reputation in Los Angeles. We have proven that classes designed around the belief that small class size, knowledgeable teachers, and quality textbooks are key foundations to learning a language.  Our results speak for themselves; our students return term after term, often for many years, and our school has grown to be the largest adult language school in Los Angeles. With a comprehensive schedule of Spanish courses to choose from, each class is designed to support individuals with a busy life. Start learning Spanish today so you can begin to enjoy the extraordinary benefit of being bilingual or multilingual.

Why a Classroom Instead of Tapes

Clearly there are those who have been successful using tapes or online courses. However, we have found that most students who are serious about learning Spanish do better in a classroom setting with native speaking, highly educated teachers, using college level texts. Why?

  • Regularly scheduled Spanish classes
  • Accountability from teacher and the class
  • Individual attention to your learning style
  • Interaction with teacher and classmates

What are the Benefits of a larger Language School

With over 700 students attending our Los Angeles Language School we are able to provide many benefits not available at smaller schools offering Spanish Classes.

  • The best Spanish language teachers
  • Continuity of teaching method at all levels
  • Stay with your classmates as you progress
  • Outstanding facility in a great neighborhood

Spanish Classes – Los Angeles Teaching Schedule

BH Lingual Institute Spanish TeachersWe offer a very comprehensive schedule of Spanish classes in Los Angeles. With over 45 scheduled classes, we have a level and time right for you. From beginning to advanced, all classes meet once a week for 80 minutes during each eight-week term.   The schedule for the current term lists the specific classes available. If you’re learning level and preferred time is not shown, please call; we often add beginning classes after the schedule is published in order to accommodate the higher demand to learn Spanish.

Alternatively, you can select a semi-private  class or private  lessons to learn Spanish at any level you wish.

Why you should enroll in our Los Angeles Spanish Classes

BH Lingual Institute Spanish TeachersThe Beverly Hills Lingual Institute is proud of the progress of its students, but is also proud of its Spanish instructors who are accessible and eager to share their knowledge and love for their native land and Spanish language. Our supportive environment is a rich atmosphere for learning Spanish from the teacher, the class material and from each other. The attractive location, on-site parking and extensive schedule all combine to facilitate your courses and are proven effective and extremely popular with residents of the Los Angeles area including the communitiesof Beverly Hills, Century City, Westwood, West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Bel-Air, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Culver City, Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Los Feliz, Glendale, Pasadena, and other nearby cities.

In summary, we have the best value, the best teachers, the best location and offer the best overall experience to learn Spanish in Los Angeles. Our students see the value and have this to say (click for more student reviews):

  • “My instructor is funny and engaging which makes learning enjoyable. She’s very patient. She also thinks of clever ways to teach.”
  • “Gloria is the best Spanish teacher I have ever had!! Love coming here.”
  • “Harold is a great professor. He keeps the class engaged and on our toes at all times. It is challenging and fun to participate each week.”
  • “Great environment, great teacher, very considerate faculty. Harold is extraordinary!”
  • “Great class! Fabulous teacher.”
  • “I’ve learned more in this school than in any other place that I have studied languages.”

If you live outside of the Los Angeles area, you’re in luck. We also proudly recommend the Orange County Lingual Institute in Costa Mesa, CA for Orange County residents.

New Year Term (1/9/17 - 3/2/17)Spring I Term (3/6/17 - 4/28/17)
Beg IM1:30Beg IW10:30am
Beg IT6:00Beg IT6:00
Beg IT7:35Beg ITh7:35
Beg IIM6:00Beg IIM1:30
Beg IIT7:35Beg IIT6:00
Beg II+W12:00 noonBeg IIT7:35
Beg II+M6:00Beg II+M6:00
Beg II+M7:35Int IM7:35
Int ITh10:30amInt IW12:00 noon
Int IW6:00Int IM6:00
Int IW7:35Int I+Th10:30
Int I+M10:30amInt I+W6:00
Int I+W6:00Int IIW7:35
Int IITh7:35Int IIM10:30am
Int IIM12:00 noonInt II+W6:00
Int II+M7:35Int IIITh7:35
Int IIIW1:30Int III+W1:30
Int III+T7:35Adv - 0M12:00 noon
Int IVM6:00Adv - 0M6:00
Int IV+Th6:00Adv - 0Th6:00
Adv - 0M7:35Adv - 0M7:35
Adv - 0Th7:35Adv - 0Th7:35
Adv - 0M12:00 noonAdv - 1W7:35
Adv - 1W7:35Adv - 2T6:00
Adv - 2T6:00AdvM6:00
AdvM6:00Little Linguals 1Th4:30
Little Linguals 1Th4:30

Please note that the Little Lingual classes for children ages 6-11 on the schedule meet for 60 minutes each week and cost $275 per term.

Why Choose Beverly Hills Lingual School for Spanish?

At the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute, we believe in the power of personal development through language. To facilitate this our school provides Spanish lessons for all types of people including working professionals, stay at home parents, corporate executives, and children. Balancing all of the elements of communication, students get more personalized, hands-on Spanish education and tutoring. Our goal is to offer a complete package of language learning guided by caring teachers for a wide range of students with the Spanish skills they need in their everyday lives.

High Value + Low Cost

Tuition prices ($245) are kept low, but not at the sacrifice of quality. We believe Spanish education should be affordable and accessible to all those who seek it. Our strategically crafted curriculum is supported by committed teachers in a state-of-the-art environment. We set textbook prices at cost so that our students can afford the best in university materials.

Skilled Instructors

We carefully select our faculty to ensure our students receive the attention they need to maximize their learning potential. Our teachers genuinely care about their students and create a dynamic, supportive environment to enable student success.

Convenient Location

We are located in Beverly Hills within walking distance to excellent dining. Being centrally located in Beverly Hills also makes us a convenient option for people living or working in Los Angeles, Culver City, Century City, West Hollywood, Westwood, Santa Monica, and other communities in Los Angeles, including the South Bay and San Fernando Valley.