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Read Reviews From our Students and what they say about the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute

language-classes-buildingThe Beverly Hills Lingual Institute knows that the real test of our success is customer satisfaction. Our students return to us term after term because their progress is palpable and their excitement is learning is sustained. They know they are gaining the skills and knowledge to truly communicate in another language rather than simply recite phrases. Our outstanding faculty, intimate classes and university curricula are worth the investment; our students see the value and return. Below is a sampling of some of the reviews submitted by our students:

General Comments about the School

“I love it here!!!”
“Good pace, good mix of grammar and conversation.”
“I’m learning a lot – everyone is so friendly, nice, helpful.”
“I have done CDs and some small classes and this is by far the best. By far.”
“Best school I have ever attended.”
“Small classes, many language choices, good teacher, good enthusiastic students.”
“Teachers are excellent; class size is right. It’s enjoyable instead of stressful but you really learn.”
“Thank you for the opportunity to learn another language. I am thoroughly satisfied.”
“Learning format is better than night college or an annex class; class is more intimate and less than 15 students.”
“Nice environment, highly prepared teachers.”
“The interpersonal relationships between the student and teacher and between students helps the learning process move faster than just working with tapes/CDs/ DVDs.”
“The School is very understanding if you have scheduling conflicts and helpful if you need to catch up. Great staff.”
“Good for someone who is trying to learn a language while working full-time.”
“The class is challenging yet relaxed for professional adults and moves at a good pace.”
“I have recommended this school to many people and speak very highly of the school and teachers. Great classes and teachers.”
“It is easy to commit to an hour and a half a week. There are many classes to choose from.”
“Great teachers, perfect pace of instruction, friendly atmosphere.”
“It is a safe, warm and encouraging environment to learn a new language.”
“Lovely teachers and great welcoming environment.”
“This is the best language school in Los Angeles.”
“I’ve done several classes – all great.”
“Nice school, nice people, small classes, good atmosphere.”
“You’re the best game in town. Affordable, professional and good teachers.”
“The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is inviting, The instructors are awesome.”
“Excellent school”
“Very well organized / structured program; fun.”


French-language-courses“My teacher is patient and understanding of learning difficulties and is allowing us to make mistakes, but helps is through it. I think my experience has been so great because Marie Christine is so great and an amazing teacher.”
“The best teacher I ever had; tough but very thorough.”
“The teacher knows what to spend time on and pushes you to do your best.”
“Classes are always amazing and interactive. It is fun to come to class.”
“Thierry is a terrific professor. He makes the class a lot of fun. I really look forward to the class every week.”
“Friendly staff, good teacher, nice place.”
“Virginie is wonderful, instructive and fun.”
“My teacher makes classes enjoyable. Good sense of humor helps with student’s many mistakes!”


“Very enthusiastic, supportive atmosphere of students and teachers.”
“I like my class. The teacher, the material and my fellow students.”
“Birge is AWESOME! I feel like I’ve learned so much in the past few months and I look forward to the class every week.”
“The atmosphere is positive and professional – everyone is excellent.”
“My teacher rocks!”


Italian-language-courses“Such a great environment – I look forward to coming. Thanks.”
“I love to come to class. It is fun, and I feel that I learn a lot as well. I love it!”
“I love the teacher and the way she teaches the class is so helpful and productive and challenging.”
” Interesting, fun classes – small groups, plenty of attention, wonderful atmosphere.”


“The teacher is very enthusiastic and helpful.”
“My teacher is excellent. I look forward to coming to class. I am learning and having fun.”
“It’s a great school. Shirley is one of the greatest teachers I have ever been instructed by.”
“Excellent teacher, good materials, solid course work.”


Spanish-language-courses“Sometimes I feel the class is too advanced and moves to fast, but then I feel it challenges and motivates me to study harder.”
“I am very satisfied with my teacher. I think Claudia is great! She is very patient and I can tell she enjoys teaching.”
“Gloria is an amazing teacher! I love this class.”
“Gloria is the best Spanish teacher I have ever had!! Love coming here.”
“It works. Gloria is the best teacher (of any subject) that I have ever had – and I’m including four years at Yale.”
“Harold rocks.”
“Harold is a great professor. He keeps the class engaged and on our toes at all times. It is challenging and fun to participate each week.”
“Harold is a wonderful teacher! He makes learning fun, and I always look forward to coming to class.”
“Great environment, great teacher, very considerate faculty. Harold is extraordinary!”
“Harold is the best teacher I have ever had. My Spanish is progressing more then ever and he makes every class fun to attend.”
“I’ve learned more in this school than in any other place that I have studied languages.”
“You can see the adoration for the language taught and the desire to share it. It is a real passion that only expert teachers know how to effectively channel in a learnable way. Wow!”
“Nice environment, challenging pace.”
“Great class! Fabulous teacher!”

Comments about other Languages

“Love my Czech class”
“The school is great. I love the teacher’s enthusiasm.”
“I would recommend this school because of my teacher and my classmates.”
“It’s a great learning environment, and the classes are small which makes it easier to learn. Teachers here are nice.”
“It is a good pace. I never feel afraid to ask or participate.”
“My teacher is the best.”
“I am very happy with what I’ve experienced in here is class. Not to mention the helpful staff outside of the classroom. Thanks!!”
“A comfortable, stress-free learning environment.”
“My experience with Chris has been so wonderful.”
“Shiva makes one of the hardest languages easy and fun to learn. She is a great teacher.”
“It is a great facility with great teachers.”
“Good school, teachers, location ”
“Great place. Tatiana is wonderful!”
“Really appreciate the atmosphere of this class and the enthusiasm of the teacher.”
“I have greatly enjoyed my experience her, largely due to Margareta. She is a wonderful teacher, very friendly and a pleasure to take class with.”
“Great course selection and teachers.”
“Enthusiastic teacher, congenial atmosphere, good pace of learning.”