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How the Brain Benefits from Being Bilingual – Infographic

The brain benefits immensely from speaking two or more languages from improved cognitive skills, to developing denser grey matter, to improved decision making skills, and even delaying the onset of dementia. Bilingualism improves children’s test scores and critical thinking abilities, as well as concentration and multi-tasking abilities. Speaking two languages also means a better salary in the workforce across a wide array of professions. View the below infographic for more information on the subject.


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  • Rodrick Rajive Lal

    This is really interesting! I would like to also know about the benefits of being tri-lingual or for that effect knowing four or more languages. Do the benefits level off after having a knowledge of two languages, or do they increase with the number of languages known?

  • Christhian Lechner

    I was raised as a bilingual child myself ( spanish and italian. I am so grateful to my parents because of that. I was able to understand not only two languages, but
    two cultures as well.
    Thank you so much!!!!!

    • Leilani

      I was leaning about different cultures in Europe last week for no reason. I now learn about the cultures every day and have leaned so much.


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  • Caitlin

    Hi I’m a kid I’m doing a speech about learning a second language this is really useful thank you so much!!!!!!!

  • Colette

    I am writing a persuasive speech/research paper on why foreign language should be taught in elementary schools for my major and I found this very helpful. If you have any other information that I might be able to use I would really appreciate it. Thank you

  • Leilani

    I think that I should start learning my 4th language. any thoughts on which one? I know English, Greek, Spanish, and Hawaiian.

  • Maria

    This is interesting and proven right over the years. People need to leave their anti-other believes and have their children learn as many languages as possible as other countries are leaving us behind.
    My children are bilingual Spanish-English. Although they have taken a while to produce it because my hubby doesn’t speak English, I am proud to say that they eventually become bi-literate, bi-cultural and bilingual.

  • Maria

    *my hubby doesn’t speak Spanish

  • Karla

    Does this come in poster form? I am a Spanish teacher and would love to put your infographic on my wall.

  • Amanda

    How can I get this infographic to display in my school?