Beverly Hills Lingual Institute
Beverly Hills Lingual Institute
Beverly Hills Lingual Institute
Beverly Hills Lingual Institute

A Proven Approach to Language Lessons

Those who live in the Los Angeles area don't need a reason to enroll in new language lessons. Los Angeles is the most internationally diverse city in America, with more than 100 languages spoken by its residents. The city boasts large communities of Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Persian, Armenian, Korean, Vietnamese and Russian speakers. People of any cultural background can become part of these dynamic diasporas by taking lessons at the biggest private language institute in the USA.

A whole new world awaits students at our school. We offer multiple languages and our mix of teachers and students represents dozens of cultures, all like-minded individuals who are interested in learning something new. Small classes help to channel this energy into daily progress. BHLI is primarily a school that offers language lessons for adults and also offers some children's classes.

A Proven Approach to Los Angeles Language Lessons

We believe that observant teachers continually find new ways to meet their students' needs, new ways to express common ideas and new ways to keep people motivated in lessons. At this top-flight school, enrollees will benefit from instructors who are highly credentialed, highly paid and passionate about what they do. Our teachers are native speakers, many are university-level professors with advanced degrees, and all have the intuition necessary to connect with novices or advanced learners.

A new language quickly becomes a familiar friend when it is shared with others who love to learn. As students move from beginner to advanced lessons, they can use their newfound skills at work, vacation or with the friends they've made in class. The Beverly Hills Lingual Institute is a highly reviewed school in the area. Friendly staff members look forward to speaking with new students at (323) 651-5000.

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